Trespassing is illegal.

Urban exploration is dangerous.

Don't do what we do as you could be seriously hurt, killed, arrested, or all of the above.

TCUR does not promote the activities on this website. Urban Exploration as it is, is a legally questionable activity.

This website serves as a means of safety for people to view Urban Exploration from the safety of their computer.

Members: ToXiC, Dr. Magnus, Brute, Missa
Pictures by: ToXiC


From 1982-2004 the St. Paul Jacees ran the Tunnel of Terror.

During a routine inspection in 2003, the St. Paul Fire Marshals’ office cited a need for a second emergency exit. The City of St. Paul granted them a two year variance, which allowed the Saint Paul Jaycees to continue Tunnel of Terror operations in 2003 and 2004 while they explored the feasibility of installing another emergency exit.

"Hopeful in reopening the Tunnel of Terror, we worked with dozens of individuals and organizations, researched various options by meeting with Saint Paul City Council, engineering firms, and the City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation department. However, in March of this year, the spring weather finally put a proverbial “nail in the Tunnel’s coffin” when a rockslide occurred outside the Tunnel, damaging the main entrance area. In light of this development, the reality of reopening (or restoring) the Tunnel of Terror is no longer possible." - TunnelOfTerror.com

The annual Tunnel of Terror scared thousands of guests each year thanks to the time and talents of approximately 100 volunteers each evening. The event was 100% coordinated and staffed by volunteers who designed and created the dozens of sets, acted as frightening and comical characters, set up all lights, sounds, and props, coordinated all logistics, and most importantly, were the “spirit” of fun and teamwork that made every year more successful! The proceeds raised by the Tunnel of Terror benefited dozens of local non-profits and community events and projects in the Saint Paul area, including annually collecting tons of food donations for Second Harvest.

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